The Music Room

The Music Room was completed in  1789 by Samuel Wyatt, elder brother of James, and clerk of works at Heaton. Sir Thomas Egerton was a great lover of music, and an able performer himself, particularly on the cello. Subsequent generations of the family continued the musical tradition at Heaton, musical ability continuing to run in the family.

The room was inaugurated in August 1789 with a concert comprising some of the Lord Wilton’s favourite musical works, with Lord Wilton (as Sir Thomas became in 1784) being one of the cellists.

One of the gems of the room is the Samuel Green organ, seen in the picture above, which was taken on one of the guided tours of the Hall.  The organ case decoration features a portrait of Handel, Lord Wilton’s favourite composer. The organ  was modernised in the 19th century, when further stops were added.