The Billiard Room

Since Sir Thomas Egerton bought a billiard table from Gillows of Lancaster in 1771, a year before he embarked on the rebuilding of his home, it would seem that this room has always been used as a billiard room.


Around the room are large oil paintings set into the wall, which is why, perhaps, they remained in the Hall when it was sold off to Manchester Corporation in 1902.

The paintings are by a Polish-born artist, Michael Novosielski, who had originally been employed by the architect of Heaton, James Wyatt, to assist in the decoration of the building that made his reputation, the Pantheon in London. At this stage in his career Novosielski  was a theatre scene painter, who later became an architect in his own right.

These paintings in the Billiard Room at Heaton are the only works of Novosielski that are known to survive.